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*** Due to situations beyond my control,The Thursday Throwdown
All Request Line Dance Combo
(TTC) is canceled until further
notice!! Sorry for the inconvenience. We will be back in effect
soon! Stay tuned for updates.

6-week line dance session on Wednesdays @ Ego Salon, 101
W Logan St, Norristown beginning July 23rd to August 27th,
2014, 6-7p, $6.

***I am available for 4/6/8 week sessions , special workshop
sessions & create choreography to any song of your choice. Call
610-574-5456 for more information.

Instructional DVD's!!!

DVD #1 Liso' & B2h along with 3-6-9, Double SOS, GoTee and
Sexy B.

DVD #2 Philly Shuffle, Rude Boy, Let 'Em, and B-Luv, Act
Like You Know, and TT's Jam.  

DVD #3 Show Out, Dance Or Go, Toast It Up and Just 4 U,
The JC's and No Mercy.

DVD #4 Hello Good Morning, Too Hot 2Handle, and Gotta
Dance, R&B Hunger/Mix, Vicious and Participation.

DVD #5 Mighty Boppin' #66, 3-6-9 II, Universal Cha Cha,
Let's Step, Jump Jump and Your Move.

DVD #6 Save', Rock Hard, Bang Bang, Jazz & Beats, Teena's
Groove (Tribute to Teena Marie) and Stomp It Out.  

DVD #7 Let's Get It Poppin', Say Who, I Shine, House It Up,
Keep Moving, Anything and Bonus dance Pon de Tee.

DVD #8 Movin' Smoov, BC Step, Entice, Him 4 Me, Rhythm
Of U & Me, Do Your Thang and Bonus dance Game Time  

Special Edition #1 DVD Ez Steppin', All I Know, B.E. Ez

DVD #9 Caught The Bug (tribute dance to the late Mckinley
"Bug" William of Frankie Berverly & Maze), Do Your Dance,
That Lovin', Level 322, Want You To Know, Share My Life.

DVD #10 Rock Wit Us, Let's Stay, B&T's Jam, Tear It Up,
Special Delivery, 'Tis The Season (Holiday Dance)

DVD #11 Adore, Philly Slide, You, GoTee, Come Feel This,
Blazin’, Put It Down (Bonus Dance)

DVD #12 7x’s Smooth, Ooh Ahh, Set It Off, Lose Control, The
Show, Something About The Music, Why Don’t We (Bonus
Dance) & Just Say (Bonus Dance)

DVD #13 , LaLa Boomba, Livin’ Single, Rollin’ With KPB, Nice
& Slow (Bonus Dance)

Multiple DVD purchase (email for shipping quote **based on
number of DVD's purchased)

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